Vision For Great Falls

Starting from those commitments to education and safety, Tom is going to advocate opportunities that benefit our students and help them become contributors to the growth of Great Falls.
Opportunities that Tom sees are designing efficient energy generation, smart-grid transmission, new electric transportation systems, and 21st century agricultural production tools.

The book, Megatrends predicted opportunities in engineering, communication, and information called high-tech. High-touch services were opportunities in interpersonal activities like health care,  entertainment, recreational, business travel industries.

Great Falls is a place for talented people because we are a great place to meet. North central Montana is a golden triangle of ripening grains. It is a place to grow for Montanans and our visitors who want good jobs, nice homes and the friendly neighbors here.  Great Falls is a golden airway of opportunity .  It is the strategic center for new commerce, energy production, and health care. The home that Montanans long to come back to as they leave to find jobs in Seattle, Portland, Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Chicago, and Salt Lake City.